Press – Releases, Resources, and Coverage

There’s been some coverage of our protests – and we’d love you to help us cover more! Contact [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to get involved to support!

New Coverage!

We met with MasterCard! It went pretty much as expected – they ignored our concerns and even implied we were lying about the existing impact already happening. We’ll have a publicly linkable press release soon – but coverage is already coming out!

Sex Workers Say Mastercard Ignored Their Concerns About New Regulations – Motherboard, 10/15

If you see any other press go up let us know with an email!


Press Releases

A general purpose press release is available here in PDF and Google Doc format.

An archived press release from the day of the protest is available in PDF and Google Doc format. We also have an archived copy of our “Thank You / What’s Next” update to supporters sent on October 12th.

The Statement

A printable PDF version of the statement is available here.


Some brave stakeholders have uploaded video testimony to accompany the statement and in person protests. You can also contact them directly via the links on that page.

Previous Coverage

We very much appreciate all the press that has covered our efforts so far! 

We also have seen some allied orgs put up blog posts or statements in support!

Here is one from Fight For The Future: Hey MasterCard, if #AcceptanceMatters then stop putting sex workers and online human rights in danger

Note from the organizers to press and allied orgs:

While many have headlined OnlyFans because it’s a popular keyword, the organizers would prefer you report on MasterCard. OnlyFans and other larger sites can subsidize the costs of some of these policies because they have high earners and mainstream creators.

It’s our niche queer platforms that are most at risk and currently already struggling. We also call attention to MasterCard’s history destabilizing more marginalized workers through actions like defunding BackPage. OnlyFans has said MasterCard was not the primary influence on their issues around adult content banking, though they are obviously impacted.