Video Testimony – Sex Workers and Impacted Stakeholders Speak Out!

Even though adult content policy impacts millions of sex workers, our stories are rarely told. Journalists would rather interview religious organizations, law enforcement, politicians – just about anyone except the sex workers that policy actually impacts.

This is a major epistemic injustice – we do not need people to “speak for the voiceless” – we need people to listen to us. We are real human beings – workers, family providers, voters. There are many more of us than there are coal miners (only 40,000 in the USA to millions of sex workers!) but you almost never hear about us as laborers. It’s time people listened to our movement and centered our voices.

Here are some videos from those who have chosen to speak out now about banking discrimination and platform instability. If you are a worker and want to submit a video, post it and then include the link when you sign our statement. You can find tips for making a video here.