Stakeholder Video Creation Tips

Tips on making and sharing your videos!

September 1st has passed but you can still record a video! Press is still reporting on our efforts! When you sign on at just include the link to your video in the form! Post it with #AcceptanceMatters and the tags of any banks you wanna call out!

Where should I post my video?

You can use any platform you’d like, but we can embed the following on this site:

  • Twitter
  • TikTok 
  • YouTube

When we embed your video, we help make sure your video isn’t lost to shadowbans or filter bubbles, which often limit the reach of content that sex workers create – or any content that mentions sex at all.

What should I say or do in the video?

Feel free to get as creative as you’d like – we’re not gonna stop you from making a music video!

But a few things are probably important:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Say what sex work income has done for you (fed your children, allowed you to get an apartment, get off the streets, buy a house, start a business, live with your disabilities)
  • Say exactly what banking and platform discrimination has cost you (resources, stability, housing, sanity)
  • NAME BANKS – it’s very important we name specific banks. PR is very important to them. Tag them in your posts too!
  • Encourage other sex workers to tell their story!
  • Keep it work safe, you may even not want to swear, to make sure it travels farther.

You may want to keep it short and have just one post and not a thread, but that’s up to you. We’ll be embedding just the first video post of any threads. 

What should I NOT with my video?

If you want your video to travel far for this effort, you likely don’t want to include adult content in this video itself.

Keep it “work safe” or at least make a version with no nudity or sexual content for mainstream platforms. 

We know, it seems annoying in this context, but the fact is we’ll have trouble getting the word out while being censored, so we have to try and be careful.

Also, don’t use swears in your tags if you want to be seen widely, it limits things from trending. On some platforms like TikTok, you may not even want to use the word “sex” in your text – ask other workers on the platform in case you’re not sure about what words may be limited!

Ok, I recorded a video, now what?

Go ahead and post it! Include info about how other people can sign on and make their own videos when you share it! You can share our statement link at use the #AcceptanceMatters hashtag.

You’ll need the video already posted to include it when you fill out the form to sign on at

Good luck, have fun, and THANK YOU!!

Our success will depend on your skills as a content creator and storyteller. But lucky for us sex workers are incredibly talented and experienced storytellers.

You’re used to making commissions at the last minute, heck, we’ve been having to do everything ourselves since the dawn of time. 

You can do this – and it’s gonna make a difference!